Baccarat rules most players do not study.

Baccarat rules most players do not study.


Even though baccarat is played easily, just guess which side gets the closest score to 9 is the winner. There may be a draw. That is, from the point of view of some players who may only see this. But every time the game of Baccarat starts The dealer will deal cards to both sides. And is a follower of the rules of the game of baccarat itself. that more cards must be drawn or do not have to draw Newly educated players may not be able to keep up. Because its rules will be a little bit off. But I recommend you to try to study and learn to calculate numbers.

Because as far as I’ve seen, people who lose and lose money will come rant later and say, hey, why is the dealer suddenly cheating, drawing more cards, even though they’re about to win and then lose money? I’ve seen people comment like this. Read on to see what happened to him. but thought in mind that The dealer is right because he draws cards according to all rules. But he himself did not know.


Know the Baccarat Rules


Don’t be a foolish player. if you want to win You will need to know everything in detail. baccarat rules Will use a total of 8 decks of cards to be shuffled together and put in a card tray called a shoe (see picture below) Ready to deal cards the Chu is an important tool for baccarat.

When the dealer deals The deal will begin to give 1 card to the player first, then another card to the banker’s side, and repeat one more time. In conclusion, there will be 2 cards on each side. At the beginning and try to calculate the points on the face of the cards. for baccarat, The rules will be as follows.

  1. If the Player’s or Banker’s total points are 8-9, if the Player’s or Banker’s hand gets a card when the total score is 8 or 9, it is called natural, meaning that if either side has this total of 8- 9, then neither side shall draw any more cards. To bring the points there to decide the loss and win immediately Whoever gets more wins


  1. If the player side has a total score of 6 – 7, the player side does not need to draw more cards, stay still (Still – stay), and go look at the banker side
  • If the banker side has a score of 6 – 7, do not have to draw as well The referee has defeated
  • If the dealer has scored 0-5 draw to add 1 before calculating points on the judge’s cards wins.


  1. If the player’s side has a total of 0 – 5, the player’s side must draw a 3rd additional card when the player’s side has finished drawing a card. There will be additional rules of the dealer’s side whether the dealer must draw additional cards or not have to draw It’s a bit complicated as follows: if the banker’s side already has a total of 2

 cards, i.e. 

  • 0 – 2, the dealer draws 1 more card as well according to the player’s side.
  • 3, Banker can draw 1 more card, if Player’s 3rd card is not 8
  • 4, Banker can draw 1 more card. If the Player’s 3rd card is between 2 and 7
  • 5, The banker draws 1 more card. If the Player’s 3rd card is between 4 and 7
  • 6, the Banker draws 1 more card. If the Player’s 3rd card is between 6 and 7
  • 7, the Banker is passive. No need to draw cards, see the picture below.


D=Draw The dealer draws a card, S=Still stays The dealer stays still – Baccarat Rules to draw the dealer’s third card



  1. When the rules 1 – 3 are done. Let’s calculate the points.


  1. If betting on the player’s side of the banker’s side Whoever scores more points wins. But if the result is a draw, the money is returned, it is considered not lost and not received

       2.If there is always a true exit People who bet on the tie side get money. All                 other sides will lose


  1. If bet on Player Pair If the first 2 cards of Player’s pair same score It is considered that whoever bets on the Player pair will win, the rest will lose all.


  1. If betting on that the Banker pair wins, the first 2 cards of the Banker have the same points. It is considered that whoever bets on the banker pair will win, the rest will lose.


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