Highlights and formulas Dragon formula cards

Highlights of the Dragon Tiger card game

This Dragon Tiger card game bet is suitable for those who want to play the game with fast results or for those who are new to it. Be able to play Tiger Dragon card games to create benefits for themselves easily. Because the game is not complicated to play. Use a single card to draw conclusions. As well as getting money in return quickly as well. Moreover, each betting style of Dragon Tiger card game has a fair payout rate. Able to perform analysis from statistical graphs to make predictions and bets effectively.

Dragon Tiger Card Formula

Methods for playing Tiger Dragon online make real money and has a greater chance of winning than a random bet which is a novice gambler or casino master can apply this technique In playing Dragon Tiger, let’s see.

1.) The formula of the card.

This technique is a very basic technique. that you all need to know because there is a way to observe that is not difficult by which the card is When either side wins several times in a row for example If the dragon side wins 3 times in a row, the 4th time has a very high chance. where the cards will come out as dragons.

2.) Table Tennis card formula

When there is a card issue that alternates between each side Like playing ping-pong, such as playing cards on the tiger’s side, dragon and tiger like this, etc. which when the table tennis card came up and then Suggest players to bet alternately. Until the deck of cards comes out in a repeating pattern, and then we can use the previous technique.

3.) 2 consecutive card layout formulas.

Technique is that one side wins 2 times in a row and then switch sides to come back to win 2 times in a row as well. For example, Dragon’s side wins 2 times in a row, and then Tiger’s side wins 2 times in a row. We also recommend that players bet on the side that is likely to win the second time. This technique is similar to the table tennis formula itself.