online businesses that make a lot of money

Nowadays, the Internet has become more and more active in human life. From communication to business, you can create your own business online. For these good reasons, online businesses can meet the needs and break the limits of doing business that the same business cannot.

Today, Am2b Marketing sees the advantages of doing business online. Therefore, I would like to introduce you to 5 types of online businesses that can generate a lot of money for you to guide people who are interested in doing business online. as follows


  1. Create a web of sales

Selling products over the Internet is the easiest and most familiar form of monetization today, with the most commonly seen and talked about online merchandising website,, a globally renowned online selling website.Used to sell products or purchase products that generate a lot of revenue for sellers. So do it. Online businesses like web-selling are definitely businesses that can make a lot of money for you. There are two types of web selling sites: making a website to be a central marketplace for trading products by allowing others to invest in consignments on your web pages like amazon or lazada, or creating your own merchandising website, and creating a consignment shop based on a central market website without spending much money on investing.



  1. Create a WEB PR

This type of website is great for doing business offline and it’s very important to help you increase revenue for your offline business. The content that must be displayed on the site focuses heavily on providing information about public relations advertising. To tell you what your business is, what it sells, what it sells. Who owns what kind of business model is and how can I contact you? To promote everyone to your business that is not focused on selling products, but focuses on the general public to understand your business model as much as possible. The way to make creating a web PR interesting is to add content that educates visitors, whether it is general knowledge or knowledge of their products as well.


  1. Create a news publishing web

Making a website for sale alone can be an unsatisfactory form of website for some customers, but creating a website to spread news can help people become more interested in their website. Because people’s behavior today is often fraught with hustle, what will come to help these people keep up with the world. Keep up to date with news is an Internet network that can find or access news on a daily basis. Read here, you might think about how making a website like this can make money for you. In response, the revenue from creating this type of website comes from the cost of banner ads that buy ad space on your page for advertising purposes. The more visitors your site has, the higher your ad costs will be, and the more ad space on your page will be in demand.


  1. Create a web promotion website

Web creation to promote products is often done in the form of blogs to review and promote products that may come in the form of video clips or content that are considered to be a form of making. The blog-based web promotion model can be easily viewed as an example, either by viewing on a YouTube platform or reading product review content across websites.


  1. Create an Online Marketplace

Online Marketplace, simply known as an online trading platform for buyers and sellers to meet on websites that are central to exchanging goods on the Internet, nowadays has many websites. Online Marketplace is a convenient business. There is no need for time or a lot of cost, and contacting can be done quickly with almost no trading restrictions. As a result, creating an online marketplace can definitely make a lot of money for you.


  1. Writing an E-book

Writing an E-book or writing a book online is another profession that can make a fair amount of money for a writer. As today’s reader behavior has changed, technology has gained full access to technology. Instead of reading a book, people turn to reading from eBooks, which is convenient just by reading where they can read it.

As a result, the number of eBooks readers is increasing. Of course, income follows. If you have excellent writing skills Writing a book for internet release is not difficult, but it may take effort. And a little time at the beginning, if you’re still not sure what kind of story to write. Let’s take a look at these writing monetization practices.

– Literature and Fiction Income 2,242,084,823 – 10,507,921,015 Baht

– Mistry Shake-up Income 1,124,981,387 – 5,959,182,154 Baht

– Romance Income 1,618,041,304 Revenue 5,144,901,023 Baht

– Science fiction and fantasy income 603,204,850 – 2,584,903,939 Baht

– Business and Finance Income 133,203,072 – 1,312,213,230 Baht

– Religion and spirituality income 204,989,779 – 1,312,213,230 Baht

– Adolescents and adults Revenues 229,583,938 – 1,090,280,500 Baht

– Biography and Memories Revenues 145,016,490 – 1,051,275,423 Baht

– Health, Fitness and Diet Revenues 129,452,694 – 982,283,202 Baht

– History Revenues 124,830,727 – 943,068,344 Baht


  1. Sell digital marketing services

Digital marketing is a marketing model tailored to today’s era and people’s behavior. Digital marketing is offered online. If you still can’t figure out what digital marketing services are selling, you can find out what digital marketing services are.

– Graphic design if you are one of the most talented and skilled people in monetization design with this capability is also interesting. Logos, business cards, brander labels, and many other designs.

– Writing current SEO content, content posted to the website alone, cannot create business opportunities for organizers. Without SEO, getting seo content is preferred by digital marketing people.

– Social Media Management When it’s digital marketing, most popular social media is a medium for brands to meet their customers. So, if you want to make money, you’ Social media management is willing to make money for you.


  1. Affiliate Marketing

Starting a business on your own can all be tricky and requires a bit of investment, so using affiliate marketing is the best solution because you can sell other people’s products on your own. Using interesting techniques. Here are the top 9 businesses that are interesting if you want to market partners.

  1. Exercise and weight loss
  2. Healthy Products (Clean Food)
  3. Supplement Products
  4. Pet Products
  5. Baby Products
  6. Mobile Device Products
  7. Cosmetics & Skincare
  8. Gadgets & Technology Products
  9. Sporting Goods


  1. Be an online consultant

A lot of people often solve problems they encounter on their own. It is an expert on the Internet. Therefore, if you are an expert on one side, then this task should not be overlooked. Online consulting, you can collect fees as appropriate. Examples of being an incredibly good-earning online consultant

– Strategy Consultant

– Management operations.

– Human Resources

– IT Professionals

  1. Advertising services on YouTube

Advertising is a match for digital marketing, so your way to earn money is nothing but to provide advertising services, especially on You Tube. You’re probably the one where big companies want to leave ads with your interesting videos.

These YouTube stats are incredible!

– YouTube has 1 billion unique users each month, thus making ad shows more revealing.

– Over 6 billion hours of video views per month

– 70% of millennials go on YouTube once a month at least.

– More than 1 million advertisers on YouTube, and most of them are small businesses.

Of the 10 types of online businesses you’ve read, 10 businesses can be built even with less capital, and of course, these 10 businesses can make a lot of money for you

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