Introducing the most popular card game, dummy, a card

game that is easy to play, fun, with a lot of profits. There are many types of card games that are available today for players to choose to play according to their preferences. Because playing cards have been popular since the past to the present. It is therefore not surprising that now there are various types of card games. At present, there are many card games such as card games, baccarat, blackjack card games. poker card game Dragon Tiger card game Bounce card game including dummy card games The dummy card game is a card game that is gaining popularity with many players. Many people may think that playing dummy is the most difficult card game. But in reality, playing dummy cards is not as difficult as you might think. Today we have information about dummy card games for you to know more. What is a dummy card game? How to play will be easy? And what are some techniques that will make it easier to play? Let’s go see it together.

Get to know the dummy card game.

Dummy is a type of card game that players can play in a casino. Or may be played through an online casino website. Dummy cards are also known as Rummy. Playing dummy cards is for players to use the idea. and reading the cards on the opposite hand rather than measuring the player’s own luck Because dummy will have to hold or hold more than 3 cards, choosing a card out or holding a card in the hand requires a lot of card analysis. Each time a dummy is played, the player takes longer to play than the other cards. Because there are many dummy cards together. There are many players. It takes a very long time to finish the game each time. At the end of the game once The dummy card game makes people think that this game has a difficult way to play. That may be because dummy card games are quite different from other card games in terms of the amount of time it takes to play each time. Holding more cards in hand than other card games And the multi-player crows that most card games are played only on the banker’s side. and the player side only But even though there are many differences in dummy card games But this game is not as difficult to play as normal players think. If anyone has tried to play dummy card games, they will be hooked and come back to play again because dummy card games are easier to eat than other card games.
How to play dummy cards

Playing dummy is playing cards together. The person whose cards are dealt depends on the number of players:

• 2 players, 11 cards will be dealt to the players on each side.

• 3 players will be dealt 9 cards to the players on each side. Cards

• 4 players, 7 cards are dealt to each player on each side.

When all cards have been dealt to all players There will be cards left, which the remaining cards will be taken as a central for all players. and the dealer draws The person who must draw a card first is the person who deals the cards. To draw the first card is to draw a card and turn it over, then place the drawn card next to the pile of cards. This card becomes the first middle drum card. Subsequently, the next player must draw a card. If the player does not want to draw a card, they can pick up a community card instead. If a player draws a card and 3 cards are formed, e.g. 2 clubs, 3 clubs, 4 clubs, the player can arrange those 3 cards in a row. Then discard only 1 card left in hand. The next player will have to do this again and again as well. All players must draw a card. Or pick up the community cards and put them in a row. until someone knocks or loses. If any player is knocked out, it will immediately become a loser. And the game will end as well.

Vocabulary Play Dummy

1. Birth is when a player draws a card or collects a card from the community and then forms a sequential card or three cards.

2. Deposit is when the player has a connection, such as the first player puts 3-4-5 cards. Yes, the next player has a 2 card deposited, or they may deposit cards in a row of 6-7-8. This does not affect the player’s score in any way. At the end of the game, the person who deposited their cards must bring the cards back to themselves.

3. Knocking is when the player has only one card in his hand. Or the player’s cards are gone.

4. Dummy is the player’s hand with only one card. or the player’s cards are exhausted.

5. A hit is when the player has three cards in his hand and then discards them. cause other players to spawn For example, discarding it with a spate of cards.

6. Discarding is that the player discards a card that the player can deposit with another player and then happens. Doing this the player will get points deducted.

7. A card is a word that calls the holder of 2 clubs and Q of spades until someone wins a knock.

8. Dark cards are words that call the holder of 2 clubs and Q of spades, but that person will not have any cards born in their hand. Until someone wins a knock.

9. Spetto is a word that calls the holder of 2 clubs and Q of spades.

10. Falling of the building is a player who does not occur Then the other players knocked out first. A player who has not yet been born will have to deduct points.

11. Stupid. If a player discards a card. Then other players can take that card to win a knock. That player will be called another player stupid.

Winning Techniques

1. Known Observation You should know how to play each dummy card that each player has how to play. If you learn to notice often. The next time you have to play with other players. It will make you know the way to play more than ever. Just observing will help you play your cards. Dummy has a chance to win more than ever.

2. Know how to analyze Once you’ve noticed how each player plays. Then you will have to analyze each player’s way of playing. By analyzing other players’ performances, you’ll find out which players have the best play. Which player has the worst way of playing? If you can analyze it, you will know which player you should be most careful with.

3. Remember It is important to remember the cards that other players have left. Because when the cards are discarded, they must be kept up to the hand. You may remember each card picked by another player. What are the numbers? If you can remember the number of cards in the player’s hand that have been picked up, then you will know which cards should not be discarded. If you don’t remember, you may discard the wrong card and cause another player to win a knockout.

4. Concentrate. Playing dummy cards, you will need to concentrate on playing quite a lot. Because you will need to remember, observe and analyze the cards in the game. So you should concentrate on playing as much as possible. If you lose your focus, you can make mistakes in playing. Because if you don’t concentrate on analyzing the cards in the game and analyzing the cards of other players’ hands, it will be more difficult than usual

. Now that you know how to play, then you should try playing a dummy card game. If you have studied how