Popular baccarat formulas


  1. Dragon hunting formula to make money: The word “Dragon” in the game of Baccarat is the nature of the cards that either side wins in a row. If the gambler finds a baccarat card in which one side wins the same side consecutively Let the players bet on the winning side accordingly. until the cards fall off or if the player wants to be sure to play without losing Should bet 4-5 eyes, it is considered reasonable.

    2. Table Tennis Card Formula : Table Tennis Cards are characteristics that the results of the cards on the banker’s side and the player’s side win, alternating sides back and forth several times. If the gambler finds ping-pong winning cards, switch sides all the time. Place bets on the opposite side and keep alternating until the ping pong card falls out. Most of the table tennis card layouts will be issued alternately, approximately 8-9 consecutive eyes. Players should take a break to see first because the table tennis card will be issued no more than this.

    3. Baccarat betting formula: it is recommended to use it in conjunction with the dragon card formula. When the cards come out the dragon Allows players to bet on dragon cards in parallel with equal points or Tie Game at the same time. Tie Game bets, if the bet is correct, will receive a profit of up to 8 times, which is the Tie Game of Baccarat. In one game will be released a few times. But every game is definitely released.

    4. Pictureless Baccarat Formula: This formless formula allows players to randomly write about 10 rows (10 sets) of bets, which each set depends on what will be randomly released in each eye. Let each row be different. It will randomly come out in a row of 5 numbers, giving 1 for the dealer and 2 for the player, such as 1 2 1 1 2, etc. Then choose a table to play. Wait for the game about 2 eyes, then compare that the 2 eyes that go out correspond to the rows that we have randomly written. By starting to bet from the 3rd character in the 2nd row that has been compared that the row is correct But bets must be placed opposite to what we have written.

    5. Baccarat formula for counting games: each online baccarat table will have statistics of bets on the Banker or Player side that have gained / lost how much. It will be counted from the amount that the players bet the most. This may be on the Player side or the Banker side, but the highest bet must be lost. Even if it counts as a losing game (1 losing game) until 5 consecutive losing games, in the 6th game, look at the statistics of other players’ deposits. whether between the Player side or the Banker side, which side has more bets By allowing the garden to be placed on the side that bets more

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