What is an online business ?

An online business or e-commerce business is an automated business that trades over the Internet. When the buyer or customer decides to purchase the product, they will pay for the goods immediately through the participating credit or debit card systems, and then the website or internet presentation source will cut the product off and deliver the goods to the customer. This e-commerce or online business is not only about making websites or distribution channels, it also means applying technology in business processes to reduce costs. It can trade 24/7 and improves business efficiency because it is easy to advertise products to a wider range of recognizable products and can also be advertised to other countries.

Online business has been around for a while since anyone else’s time. It is easier to access the Internet, and nowadays it is very popular and widespread. This is partly due to the technological boom that no matter where it goes. Looking for a free Wi-fi signal has become a routine that everyone has to do. As a result, the online or e-commerce business path both in Thailand and abroad is likely to continue to grow and from other support factors, both from the growing number of people using the Internet. The launch of credit card or e-banking services by major banks is also considered to directly or indirectly stimulate the online business market, such as promotions using credit cards to pay for goods, 0% installments, or redemption points.


From the online business model that has been seen before, such as online trading or E-Classified, online catalog website or online catalog web site, also known as E-Shop Web Site, or online business through auction, it is clear that there was only one internet exchange in 2015. Instead, it has expanded and expanded its online business model, and since then, these are getting closer. Even women are well acquainted with online shopping. As a result, customers may start to divert themselves into investing in product ownership and then aggressively arrange exchanges as an online business instead


Business opportunities are still waiting for us. Today, the authors have compiled an online business model that you can easily do, perfect for those who are looking for a way or model for doing business online in the modern era

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