E-Commerce stands for Electronic Commerce, which can be translated into Thai. electronic commerce is doing business by buying and selling products or advertising through electronic media, popularly being radio, television, and the most used today is the internet. You can use text, audio, images, and video clips in your business. An E-commerce business can reach a wide range of customers and reduce costs. In operation, the well of the E-Commerce Translate

  1. Business-to-Consumer or B e C (B-to-C = Business to Consumer) is a retail purchase from a vendor over the Internet, such as clothing. Shoes, cosmetics, etc
  2. Business-to-business or B2B (B-to-B = Business to Business) is the entrepreneurs of two parties doing business with each other. The sale here is wholesale. which make purchases via the Internet
  3. Business to the government or B-to-G (B-to-G = Business to Government) is a business between the private sector and the public sector, such as the government’s employment announcements via the government’s website to reduce expenses
  4. Government. With the government or G-to-G (G-to-G = Government to Government) is the contact between agencies in the government. It is an exchange of information between the ministries
  5. Consumers and consumers or C-to-C (C-to-C = Consumer to Consumer) is communication between consumers themselves, that is, consumers who do not advertise their products. self and another consumer is interested in ordering Most of these sales announcements are made via the internet because there is a convenient area for trading Including easy to find people with the same interests as well
  6. Government to the people or G-to-C (G-to-C = Government to Consumer) is the service provided by the government via electronic media. Especially the Internet, such as calculating and paying taxes via the Internet. Downloading various registration forms via the website

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