In a society where the online world is becoming an important factor in the lifestyle of the new generation. We cannot deny that Online media has influenced us every moment. From waking up until going to bed Moreover, the speed and convenience of the online world are also being used to benefit people from all walks of life. Especially online marketing (Online Marketing) that is becoming widely popular. Because it can make others know us or our products widely. For anyone who has heard or still does not understand. Online Marketing (Online Marketing), which is a term that has a rather broad meaning. Due to the current online marketing, There are more channels. and is constantly evolving. First of all, let’s understand that. What is Online Marketing or Online Marketing?


Online Marketing (Online Marketing) is marketing in online media such as Facebook ads, Google ads, Youtube ads, Instagram ads. The main objective is to make our products more known. By using various methods to advertise the website or sell products that will bring our products to the online media. for others to be aware and interested until finally come to use our service or buy our products By online marketing (Online Marketing) can be done in many ways

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