Why should you do E-Commerce

Nowadays, people have access to various electronic media. In the online world quickly and easily and using the Internet can be considered a main activity in the daily life of most people. Whether it’s playing social media, searching for information, checking email, watching television or listening to music online, etc., many businesses have turned to E-Commerce to reach such customers. In addition, E-Commerce business also has advantages and benefits in many aspects which can be summarized as follows

1. Do not have a storefront. Able to show product samples as photos or video clips on websites or social media

2. No sales staff required. can display various information with a system that can be traded automatically or contact the shop via the Internet Make it open for sale and support customers 24 hours a day

3. Increase sales opportunities The store has the opportunity to reach everyone who has internet access. Therefore, there are customers from both the country and the world. No more travel problems

4. Help reduce the cost of management. Therefore, the money can be invested in other areas, such as expanding the business. Advertising, public relations, etc

5. Marketing is accurate and measurable. The website can be used to sell products and social media to collect information about customers and visitors. and used in online marketing to meet the goals It also has a system that can check the performance unlike advertising in offline media such as TV, newspapers, Billboard etc

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